February 12, 2019



On Tuesday 12 February the AACC hosted a small roundtable for the visit to Melbourne of the Ambassador to Benin, Makarimi Abissola Adechoubou and his Charge of Cultural Affairs, Ms Albine Morgean.

Ambassador Adechoubou provided the meeting with a comprehensive overview of the Benin government Action Plan in which he spoke of the opportunities for Australian investment and assistance with the flagship projects that they had identified across ten sectors.


In doing so he underscored that Benin was keen to engage with the Australian private sector.

Discussion took place on the ways and means whereby contacts could be established with appropriate entities within Benin – both government and private - to allow for meaningful follow up. This included the encouragement for two way trade delegations and visits.

President Duncan Harris, Vice President Heddie Goldberg, Members Anna Rubin and Dr Jacques Joubert each brought forward meaningful suggestions for future cooperation.


Members wishing to learn more should contact the AACC for further information

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February 12, 2019

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